Why isn’t my airport listed?

There are a large number of airports in the UK and an initial selection was made from a list of licensed aerodromes published in the UK AIP. Not all the aerodromes were included in the initial website launch. Artwork can be designed and new aerodromes listed should there be sufficient demand.

A number of more well known aerodromes have not been included as their names are trademarked and the use of their names is not allowed without their permission. It is hoped that permission may be granted in the future and if so they will then be listed on the website.



Where do the products come from?

The base products are mostly sourced by our suppliers from manufactures in Asia. The finishing process, whereby the design is added, takes place in the UK and Latvia. This service is provided by well established print on demand suppliers who finish the products and send them directly to you. 



What is “print on demand”?

Products supplied by “print on demand” are generic stock items i.e. a t-shirt or mug that are only finished or printed when a purchase is made. This process means that large amounts of finished stock is not required. An additional benefit from an environmental perspective is that unnecessary clothing or giftware is not made and potentially wasted.



How long will it take to deliver?

Once you have placed an order an automated request is sent to the appropriate print on demand supplier who make the finished products. The process usually takes approximately two to three working days for the chosen item to be finished and then dispatched. Once dispatched it will then usually take approximately three days to be delivered if finished in the UK and generally around five to ten days if supplied from the continent. Please allow at least ten working days. Should your order have not arrived after that time period please contact us at sales@aerotwozero.com we will then able to make enquiries and track the order on your behalf.